Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pam Goes to the Bees!

My blog has been neglected while I took a short trip to a new obsession! I've been off to a land where I am mesmerized by honey bees, and I have to say that it is an obsession as strong as CCSVI has been!

As mentioned in previous posts, my husband is a beekeeper, and I've been helping him with his business. In addition to having several colonies of bees on our property, we are selling seeds for flowers and herbs that bees love.

The photo above shows a swarm of honey bees that left one of our colonies and landed on a tree in our yard. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the bees fly around, thousands of them, and then gather with the queen on a tree while their scouts searched out a new home. In this case, we collected the swarm and put them in a new hive on our property.

I'm still interested in CCSVI and wanting to spread the word about the research that is taking place. I'm still in the waiting place... not ready to be treated, but wanting to follow the details of how treatments are going, who is treating where, etc.

I'm excited about the amazing meeting that is being put together in Seattle on January 28th, and will be there for the meeting.

I'm pleased to announce that I'm combining my two obsessions. Starting today, I'm raising money for Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) by having a "Bee Garden Party" MStery Party - you can see the details on my MStery party page. You can donate directly to this virtual party by clicking on the red text at the top of the MStery party page. Or, if you place an order at the House of Bees website and use coupon code BNAC, you'll save 10% off of your order, and we'll donate 10% of all orders to BNAC.

Our main product is the Bee Garden Seed Collection, which is a collection of flower and herb seeds that the bees will love. You can plant these seeds and create a bee garden in your backyard. We also sell other seeds that the bees love, and will also soon have mason bee houses and supplies.

I'm excited to announce this fundraiser. The bees are in trouble. They need our help. They are quickly losing habitat, and you can help by planting a bee garden. BNAC needs our help. They need us to support their research so that we can all learn more about CCSVI and its relationship to MS.

Please make a donation or buy a Bee Garden today!


PS - If you're on Facebook, you can friend BNAC and become a fan of House of Bees.

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