Sunday, August 1, 2010

I like...

I was at a seminar recently where one of the exercises was to name things that I like. (Thanks, Mo!) For one minute I had to repeat the sentence "I like..." followed by something that I like! This is a great exercise to focus on the what's right - so much of the time I tend to focus what is wrong, or what I don't like.

Here's my list of the things that I like that relate to CCSVI. Think of this as kind of a Top 10 list (except that I’m not going to number it, and there may not be 10!)

I like:

  • the magnet that I found in Aurora, NY when I was tested at BNAC (pictured above.) OK - it really isn't about CCSVI, but I loved finding it on my Buffalo trip!
  • the CCSVI word cloud t-shirt, which can be viewed and ordered here. Sandra created the shirt from the writings of folks who have MS who wrote about what CCSVI means to them. Sandra is the admin for the CCSVI in MS UBC Facebook page - click here to see her page.

  • Joan's CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis page – click here to see it.

  • the CCSVI Alliance - click here to see their new site. They also get the vote for my favorite charity! The check's in the mail!

  • people who take CCSVI seriously but who also make me laugh. This one's a tie:

    • WaYnE at the CCSVI Toronto Facebook page (click here to see the Facebook page and here to see the latest cover of Liberation Quarterly).

    • Dr. Sclafani on ThisIsMS (click here to see the 194 page thread where he answers our questions). I think I may have to comb through that long thread to find the "Sclafani"isms and make a list!

  • Flowers 4 MS. Angela sells greeting cards and t-shirts here , and also does a wonderful job translating Italian text for us. Check out her Facebook page here. Angela is currently donating proceeds from her fundraising to BNAC.

  • the many other folks raising money for BNAC: Jill, Larry, Linda, Jackie, Orna...

  • IrishBear76 on YouTube.

  • Wheelchair Kamikaze. Click here to read his blog. He's articulate, thoughtful, funny and has a great ability to see both sides of a story. He writes about MS as well as CCSVI.

  • Allison Shadday's book titled MS and Your Feelings – it can be ordered here on Amazon. Allison’s book is about MS and there is great advice in it about dealing with a chronic illness which will apply to CCSVI as well. I know for me that the emotions around CCSVI are similar to when I was diagnosed with MS. This is a truly helpful book, especially the parts around grieving and loss.
  • all of the new friends I've made along this CCSVI journey, which is really just beginning.

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